Sunmaxfilms United Arab Emirates

Sunmaxfilms has opened a new warehouse in the United Arab Emirates. We have more polyurethane and vinyl films adapted to high temperatures and active sun.

  • SunmaxFilms PPF  6000 AED
  • SunmaxFilms Lite PPF  4500 AED
  • SunmaxFilms Magnum 5000 AED
  • SunmaxFilms Satin PPF 7000 AED

The advantages of our films are undeniable!
- We mainly use Japanese and American quality raw materials to produce our films. Therefore, our films are very reliable and technological!
- We use Japanese film production lines. Therefore, our films with a minimum amount of substandard.
-Our factory is located in China. Therefore, our films are not of high cost.

Thus, buying a SunMaxfilms film, you get a very high quality product at a very low price. We have thought over the production technology as much as possible to meet the requirements of our customers!

In terms of ease of application to a car body, sunmax PPF is much easier than other brands, since our adhesive layer with a weak initial adhesion allows you to ideally paste over a car without stretch marks and other defects, even if your master has little experience.